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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Reaction is just as important as the stimulus. Words, when used in such a manner, can be poison or a healing elixir.    Looks can be murderous, actions cause unstoppable chains of events that can ruin things. And sometimes, even the best of intentions ruin a relationship and views of people. 
Pride and believing one is infallible are also traits that can ruin you, as I have seen many times in people, especially attending a magnetish school like mine. I myself am not immune to these things. But I've just only realised how much these things could really hurt someone and ruin relationships. 
Unfortunately, this is the closet I can or will ever come to helping others discover this fault, simply because it really is something you have to learn yourself....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today, I Mean Business! (How To Plan The Perfect Sleepover)

And by business I really mean making a complex, unneeded plan to convince my mom to let me have a sleepover. In reality, this probably sounds extremely juvenile, but in my house it's absolutely necessary. When you have parents like mine, it is easiest to assume that anything you ask shall be bombarded with questions of every sort and scenarios of every kind. I figured this out a few years back. So now I just make Power Points, presentations with my little sister's Expo board, or just write extremely long letters.

Anyway, this blog will serve as an instructional one. Here, I'll tell you how to plan the "perfect" sleepover. Well, the perfect sleepover for me, which is quite limited since I live with my family and can't drive. :) So it's really more like, "How To Plan A Rachel Elizabeth Joyce Sleepover". Once again, this is assuming you're doing it the way I do, so it's far from perfect. The "examples" are what I'm planning, not neccessarily what the steps say.  Here goes.:)

Phase One: Planning
  • Step One: Decide the basics. This basically means follow the "Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How" formula you should have learned at some point. Decide what kind of sleepover, if it will have a theme, what day and time you'll have it, where you'll have it (if not at your house), what room it will be in (if at your house), why you're having it, and how you'll go about doing it, how you'll make invitations, how you'll bribe your little sister/brother to leave you the heck alone.  If needed, make a list of things your guests might need/want to bring. Example: Who: Rachel! What: Sleepover at my house When: Friday, 5 PM Pick-up Saturday, 11AM Where: I'm not about to put my address online... Why: Just 'cause. What To Bring: Usual sleepover stuff, things for a blanket fort, extra clothes, make up, camera, and yourself!
  • Step Two: Get Permission. This one's pretty self explanitory. Ask permission to have a sleepover from anyone it may concern. In my case, I ask my parents. If you're going to have your sleepover somewhere else (besides a hotel) you should probably contact the management and ask if you can hold a sleepover (party, basically) there.
  • Step Three: Invitations and invitng. After you nail down the basics and get permission, you need to decide who to invite to your sleepover. Personally, I ALWAYS stick with even numbers. That way, you can avoid having the dreaded third-wheel, and nobody feels left out, because even if people do buddy up, everyone will find someone. Plus, it's easier to buy things in even numbers! As for invitations, something unique or handmade is usually what I learn towards. It's not that hard to make something cute on Microsoft Word, then print, cut out, and embellish. Or you can go all out and do really creative, hands on things. For instance, if you're having a makeover party, get little cheap compacts from the dollar store and put the invitation in there! On the other hand, sometimes it's better to just go simple, you know? Example: I  was limited to three people. Since I know all of these people exceptionally well and it's not a big to-do, I just sent a text. Text to !Skye, Devon Dearest, and Nicole:): Hey guys!:) Wanna stay at my house this Friday? I have some pretty cool things planned, and it's been awhile!:) Let me know!:)
Phase Two: Preparing
(note:from here on out is done on my iPod, so until I get to my computer, the formatting will be a bit off, I'm sorry!)
Step One: Make a list. The list should be of anything you will need or think you'll need. Include things like food you're hoping to have, any activities, decorations, and anything specific to your sleepover. If you plan on asking your guests to bring something (I.e., once I had my guests bring the things to make banana boats, this time I asked them to bring photos hoot things) then let them know ahead of time so nobody feels like they're scrambling last minute. Sleepovers should be fun, not stressful! Example: For my upcoming sleepover, I made two lists. One for me that listed everything I think I will need, and one for the girls, that tells them what to bring.
Step Two: Make a menu. When people are staying with you, it's considered good etiquette to feed them. This doesn't mean you should go all out and prepare big, expensive fancy meals. Stick to easy stuff! Make sure you know of any allergies your guests might have, you probably don't want to kill them...y'know? Things like pizza, ice cream, and other typical teenager foods tend to go over well, since most people like them. If you choose to do food to match your theme, then just make sure someone in your house knows how to correctly prepare it so that no crisises occur! Example: I'm serving pizza and whatever sides I see at the store that look fresh and yummy for dinner, ice cream bar for dessert, and fruit/donuts for breakfast. Since I know that Dev doesn't like fish and Skye is allergic to kiwi and pineapple, I'll avoid those foods!
Step Three: Shopping and Budgeting. Once you a definite list, go shopping and get what you need. It's best to discuss with your parents how much you can spend, and go online and look up your local store ads, sales, coupons, and discounts. Getting nice things is great, but getting them on sale is even better! Once you have a budget, try to stick to it. It's okay to stray a little bit if things are a good deal, or if you think it'll make a nice touch/be useful, but not for every little thing that catches your eye. Example: I know I have $100 in the bank after I bought the iPod I'm currently typing this on. So since it's only four people, and I only need dinner, breakfast, and some snacks, I safely limited myself to $30. After doing research, I am able to stay within my budget by adding up the costs. (2 pizzas-$11, 3 bottles of soda on sale at Winn-Dixie-$4, we have popcorn at home and little Hershey's kisses. Maybe some chips-3-6 dollars. Then BOGO ice cream-$4. We have toppings at home. Total: about $25. Which leaves $5 for unplanned things.) By budgeting, I can now afford my sleepover, a new dress, and the 100 piece eyeshadow kit I've had my eye on!
Step Four: Getting the house/space ready. Everybody's had those panic-stricken moments where you're at somebody's house, and something just happens to break. Or you go to pee, only to realize there's no toilet paper/hand soap/whatever. Just like the Girl Scouts taught me, you should always be prepared. In this case, always assume the worst will happen. First of all, make sure your house/space is clean and somewhat tidy. I know tidy is sometimes hard to do, my house itself is usually in slight disarray, even at its cleanest. There's a difference between lived in and messy, though, so make sure it's not the latter. Make sure you have enough pillows, blankets, and/or sleeping bags for everyone, because sometimes people forget. I myself have been known to forget various things. (Like forgetting my cellphone charger in a hotel room, forgetting a towel at a pool party, forgetting my toothbrush overseas, etc.) Put away anything extremely breakable or valuable that you fear may get broken. In other words, don't leave your mothers' favorite plant where someone could trip over it, make sure the cords from your daddy's play station are tucked away to avoid tripping, etc. Stock any bathroom guests might need to use with extra toilet paper, soap, hand towels, ( and since I'm assuming this is a girls' party) feminine items just in case. Also put in some extra towels and washcloths. Someone might spill something force whatever and need to use the shower! Take note beforehand if any of the guests dislike animals (I.e. big dogs, cats, birds, snakes) so that you can properly put them up before everyone arrives. Take care of anything else you feel needs to be done! Example: This is pretty much self explanatory, but when it comes to putting away animals, I have big dogs that like to "hug" people, so we always put them in their kennels at first to be on the safe side.

Phase Three: S-Day (As in Sleepover Day)

Step One: Pre-Arrival and arrival of guests. Nobody arrives exactly on time. Most people arrive a little early, or a little late. So while it's okay to do things before the time you ask guests to arrive, it's a good idea to make sure you're dressed, presentable, and at you house/ where guests should meet you at least an hour before people are supposed to show up. Once people start showing up, show them where they can put their stuff down, chit chat a little, but try to keep an eye out for more people arriving. Once everyone gets there, I would advise taking them on a little tour so that they know where things are, which rooms are off-limits, and where the bathroom is. This is when you also lay down whatever rules you (or your parents) may have for the night.
Step Two: Activities. Make sure you have SOMEthing planned for your sleepover. Even though a lot of sleepovers take their own path and pace, like most things, some just need a good push! Plus, having activities planned prevents those moments when everyone is bored but nobody knows what to do about it. Do fun things that a majority of people will like. Things can range from movies to going out to big things like day trips. Just make sure everyone feels comfortable doing the things you have planned, and that you have permission. Example: For my sleepover, we're going to build a giant blanket fort and have a photo shoot. I also have Just Dance and movies ready in case we hit a dull moment.
Step Three: Afterwards. After the sleepover, make sure you thank everyone and let them know if they've left anything behind. If they have, make plans to return what they left.

And there you have it! That is how you throw a Rachel Elizabeth Joyce sleepover.:) I might've left some things out, but if I have it should be common sense.:)

Enjoy your sleepovers!:D

Monday, December 26, 2011

Introduction To The Insanity

As the title says, this serves as an introduction into the insanity that is my world. In all honesty, my world itself is not much different from the one billions of other "average" people live in everyday. What makes my world in particular different, scientifically, is the way I view the real world and how I interpret it, or my schema. Personally, I think my little world is unique simply because it just reflects myself. And since this blog is a reflection of my world, it really doesn't serve a definite purpose. I just like the idea of having my opinion out there. Maybe I'll change the world, or help someone, the usual hopes everyone has, you know? But then again, I don't much mind if this ends up being something my kids'll laugh at someday.:) With that being said, I'm Rachel Elizabeth Joyce, and welcome to my little world. Buckle your metaphorical seatbelt and get ready for a crazy, wild ride.:))